U.S. Legacy Income Trusts®

Make a contribution to our pooled income funds for a partial tax deduction, and receive a lifetime income stream for you and your beneficiaries.

Donor-Advised Funds

Make a fully tax deductible contribution, and give at your discretion for many years to come.

Benefits of giving through the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust (Gift Trust)

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Tax deductible

Receive a federal income tax deduction based on your contribution.

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Avoid capital gains tax

Find alternatives for appreciated assets or concentrated stock.

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Support charitable organizations

Create a legacy of giving.

Tools and resources

Tool: Charitable Income Tax Deduction Calculator

Calculate the deduction for your U.S. Legacy Income Trust contribution and compare to other charitable planned-giving options.

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Tips and resources as it relates to charitable, tax and wealth planning


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The people overseeing the Gift Trust

Have concentrated stock, mature capital gains, or appreciated assets?

Get in touch to learn more about how the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust fits into your overall wealth planning strategy.


U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Heritage Pooled Income Fund Donors can access performance reports by logging into their account, or by contacting Ren, the administrator of the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust, at 1-844-898-0800 or by email at uscgt@reninc.com.

To comply with federal law applicable to pooled income funds, the Legacy Income Trusts will not accept contributions of federally tax-exempt securities or shares of funds holding federally tax-exempt securities. The Legacy Income Trusts will also not accept contributions of securities that have been held by the Donor for one year or less. Subject to the approval of Eaton Vance Trust Company (Trustee), the Legacy Income Trusts may accept certain privately held or restricted stock. All transferred property must be free and clear of any liens, encumbrances or other adverse claims. Depending on the Donor’s relationship to his or her designated income beneficiaries, a contribution to a Legacy Income Trust may have federal gift or estate tax consequences for the Donor; naming certain individuals as income beneficiaries may also have federal generation-skipping transfer tax implications for the Donor or income beneficiaries. See “Tax Considerations” in the Legacy Income Trusts’ current Information Statement (Information Statement).

All grants are subject to the determination of the Gift Trust that the grant recipient is a qualified charitable organization and that the grant otherwise meets all applicable legal requirements.

Grants to qualified charitable organizations are made through the donor-advised fund sub-account of the Gift Trust (Charitable Account) into which a Donor's Legacy Income Trust account converts.