A well-established plan made during your lifetime could help alleviate some of the negative impact taxes can have on assets that have grown significantly during your lifetime. A charitable bequest with a Donor-Advised Fund can benefit charities and help reduce your estate tax liability. If you are considering making a charitable gift at death, these estate planning tools can be extraordinarily useful. Before you make any changes to your estate plan, you should always consult your financial, legal and/or tax advisor.

Types of Bequest Assets to Consider:

  • Wills & Estates
  • IRAs, 401(k)s and Qualified Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Charitable Remainder Trust


Benefits of a Donor-Advised Fund:


  • Cost effective and easy to set up with a simple application
  • You can leave a legacy in your family’s name by naming the account (e.g., The William’s Family Charitable Fund)
  • A charitable deduction may help reduce your estate tax liability
  • We can distribute gifts over time to several of your favorite charities
  • Professional investment management from Eaton Vance, whose history dates to 1924


How to Set Up a Bequest:


An application must be completed prior to a Donor’s passing and is kept for record keeping. The account will not be set up until we receive future funding. Please follow the below instructions for this type of contribution.


To learn more, please contact Charitable Marketing at 800-836-2414.