To open an account, please complete the Donor-Advised Funds Application and follow instructions for Gifting to the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust® for different asset type transfers.

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Complete a Donor-Advised Funds Donor Information Form. In addition to the Donor Information Form, please use Entity Form when contributing as Corporations, Nonprofits, and other Entities.

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Donor needs to initiate the transfer of its assets to the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust. Instructions are provided in the Application. If it's a securities transfer, please follow-up with the firm that holds the asset to see if shares have been sent to the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust.

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When you contribute securities, it generally takes a few days for the shares to sell and settle (normally T+3 days). The net proceeds received from the sale of securities or your cash contribution will be invested into the investment fund chosen by you, and an acknowledgement of your gift will be made available to you.

Please review the Gifting Booklet for important policies and procedures.

You should consult with your tax or financial advisor to determine how the Donor-Advised Funds can best suit your situation.

For questions regarding the forms, please call the Administrator, Ren at 800-664-6901.